We have had requests for reviews about some of the games so here is a roundup of recent reviews!

Don’t forget that we also have a youtube channel full of playthroughs and reviews here!

Tabletop Gaming

Mazescape August issue              

Ubongo 3D August issue                

Staying in Pod

Lost Cities R&W                                 

Sacred Temple                                 


Anno 1800                                         

Bury Board Games

Imhotep mat                                     

Robin Hood UKGE                           

Anno 1800 preview                        

Cities Skylines                                   

Zatu Blog

Volcanic Island                                

Tumult Royale                                  

Favourite Foe

Exit Sacred Temple                         

Lost Cities R&W                            

Ubongo Family 3D                          

Just Push Start

Lost Cities R&W Review                               

Matthew Jude (Watch it played, This game is broken)

First UK copy of Crew 2                

Tripwire / Front Row Reviews

Imhotep Duel                                    

Meeples Abroad

Mazescape giveaway                    


Anno 1800                                          

Small Fries Games

Ubongo Junior                                  

Ubongo Junior playthrough

DOALG UKGE Interview

Robin Hood                                        

On Tabletop

UKGE Kosmos/Devir         


Shut up and Sit down

Podcast including UKGE discussion – Advent Calendar and Robin Hood.

No Pun Included

First images of Robin Hood

Staying in Podcast

Anno unboxing


Crew 2 images and review


LC Roll&Write teaser in Dutch and English

Favourite Foe

Mazescape video

Big Boss Battle

Andor Family review

Bury Board Games

Top 10 games – Anno and on Insta

Shut up and Sit Down

Review of Crew 1 and 2

Ginger Beard Geek Dad

Anno review with photos

Escape Industry News

The Exit Advent Calendar gets a mention!


Exit: The Sunken Treasure review

Gaming Rules!

Anno live Youtube unboxing

Board Game Review UK

Lost Cities R&W featured on Insta

and review on website

Meeples at home

Competition winner features Lost Cities R&W

Favourite Foe

Lost cities card game feature plus Twitter and FB

Amass Game

Unboxing of The Stormy Flight (spoilers)

Games with Beany

Featured The Forbidden Castle

Get your Game on (Sarah Atherton)

Brief mention of Exits in final choice

Meeple V People

Review of Lost Cities Card Game

Staying in Podcast

Post about Exit Advent also on Twitter


Post about Lost Cities Roll and Write and live play through on Twitch

No Pun Included

Feature My City in their Reiner Knizia Special

Staying in Pod

Review Anno 1800 plus posts on Insta

Amass Games

Continues his rundown of most popular Exit games

What Board Game

Unboxing of Luna Capital

Bury Board Games

Unboxing of Imhotep Dynasty

Short Stuff Boardgames

Highlights Advent Calendar

More Games Please

First look at Crew 2


Multilingual review of Lost Cities Roll and Write

Also review on BGG and their own website.


Fabulous animation of The Crew Mission Deep Sea

Boards Eye View

Review of Anno 1800 also on their Facebook page

Imagining History

Interview with Michael Menzel about Robin Hood

What Board Game

Castle Party tutorial video

Gaming Rules

Live playthrough of Anno 1800

Shut up & Sit Down

Best card games of 2021

Zatu Games

Kosmos Takeover – front page Kosmos headers

Active display in store

Huge Giveaway

The Crew 1 review

Fangs review

Robin Hood Review

Bad Meeples

Advent Giveaway

Favourite Foe

La Vina review

Meeple University

Insta birthday Feature – Exit puzzles/games

Live playthrough of Crew Mission Deep Sea

Amass Games

Crew makes it into 50 most played games video

Shut Up and Sit Down Podcast

Lost Cities and Lost Cities Roll & Write and Luna Capital review Transcript and podcast

The Adventures of Robin Hood

No Pun Included

Crew 2 and The adventures of Robin Hood

This Game is Broken

Lost Cities Roll and Write and Exit Advent Calendar

Big Boss Battle

Andor Family review

Meeples Abroad

Ubongo 3D review

Old Meeple

Lost Cities mention

Andor review

Bury Board Games

Gretchinz! feature

Get Into Games

Reviews Ubongo Travel – print

and video

Zatu Blog

Tribes Review