Kosmos Games were thrilled to have been awarded the Imagination Gaming awards Seal of Approval on no less than 4 games this year.

The “Imagination Gaming Family and Education Game Awards” seek out new games from around the world that engage children and families alike
whilst helping to promote basic social and curriculum based life skills. Successful entries may then be incorporated into Imagination Gaming’s daily events and programmes for education nationwide, and therefore are of special interest to those working in education, social support and the relevant distribution channels.

The games considered, whilst primarily engaging and fun, are not necessarily designed for education, but always require participants to demonstrate a range of fundamental skills and understanding. The previous year’s submissions have covered (and rewarded), a wide spectrum of games from table-top ‘geeky-gamer’ type games to skills focused games for children and adults alike.

The IG panel commented on The Crew – Quest for Planet 9 ‘So this is just a fantastic game and for any families that are experienced game players this is a must have item. Whilst not particularly easy for younger players even they can get used to it after a little while. Popular with the family review teams across the summer this game really deserves to be a big hit as it works so well.

They found The Colour Monster to be a ‘beautiful looking game with wonderful illustrations from the book. We found this was a wonderful resource to allow children to explore and identify emotions and it has a solid place in early years PSHE work in schools.’

Another Devir classic, Papua, was described as ‘A deceptively simple yet clever game that we found very engaging. This is certainly a game we will look to take to future events and promote to families at events when the pandemic allows. We feel it is like a worker placement game for people that haven’t played one before and a great introduction.’

Kosmos party game favourite, Drop It, also won the coveted seal. ‘ A game that attracts attention, this game is very popular in both primary and secondary schools and teachers love how the children have to think ahead, manipulate the pieces they wish to play and consider the consequences of their actions. This was going to be one of our primary games in the events this year and its a shame that COVID put a stop to that. This will certainly be part of our games day offering in schools when they reopen fully after the pandemic.’