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Reviews 2023

3 Ring Circus – Shut Up and Sit Down

3 Ring Circus – What Board Game

Adventure Game Gloom City – Casual Game Revolution

Allie Gator – Favourite Foe

Andor Base v Family – Chloe and co

Andor Eternal Frost – Favourite Foe

Andor Eternal Frost – Boards Eye View

Andor Eternal Frost – Bury Board Games

Anno 1800 Zatu Blog

Bamboo – What Board Game

Bamboo – Shut Up and Sit Down

Bamboo – Staying In Podcast

Bamboo – Boards Eye View

Dimension Brain Game To Go – Favourite Foe / Zatu

Dirty Pigs playthrough – Get into games

Dirty Pigs – Meeples Abroad

Dirty Pigs – Bury Board Games

Dirty Pigs (advance copy) – Favourite Foe

Dodo – Cozy Board Games

Dodo -Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Dodo -Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Dragonkeepers – Board Game Review

Exit Haunted Roller Coaster Zatu Blog

Exit Kids Jungle of Riddles – Favourite Foe

Exit Kids Jungle of Riddles – Chloe and Co

Go Cuckoo – Favourite Foe

High Score – mentioned in Watched It Played

Ierusalem – Boards Eye View

Ierusalem – What Board Game

Inside Job – Zatu

Inside Job – We’re Not Wizards

Kingsbridge – Boards Eye View

Lacrimosa – Ready Steady Play

Lacrimosa – Favourite Foe

Lord Of The Rings Adventure to Mount Doom -Favourite Foe / Zatu

LOTR Mount Doom – We’re Not Wizards

LOTR Mount Doom – Get into games

LOTR Mount Doom – Cozy Board Games

LOTR Mount Doom – Bury Board Games

Lost Cities R&W – Favourite Foe / Zatu

My Gold Mine – Meeples Abroad

My Gold Mine – Shut Up and Sit Down

My Gold Mine – Boards Eye View

My Gold Mine – Bury Board Games /Zatu

My Gold Mine – Big Geek Little Geek

My City – Board Gaming Dad

My Island – Favourite Foe

My Island – Game of the Month – Zatu Blog

My Island – Zatu Blog

Paris – For Chits and Giggles

Robin Hood : Friar Tuck in Danger – Boards Eye View

Robin Hood / Friar Tuck – Bury Boad Games

Robin Hood What we’ve been playing January 23 Zatu

Robin Hood – Dicebreaker

Savernake Forest – Cozy Board Games

Savernake Forest – Front Row Review

Savernake Forest – Casual Game Revolution

Savernake Forest – for Chits and Giggles

Switch and Signal Review – Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Targi review – Don’t Be Board

Targi/exp – Board Game Overlord

Devir Yokai Sketch, Blind Business and 3 Ring Circus – 30 best games at GenCon – Watch it Played

Top 9 games checked out at Airecon tweet (Lost Cities and Drop It)

Top 14 Games to Play on Valentines Day Zatu Blog (Imhotep duel, Paris, Targi)

The White Castle designer diary

Review 2022

My City Shut Up and Sit Down

My City Meeples Abroad

Andor Family Meeples Abroad

Anno 1800 Punchboard

The Crew and The Crew Shut Up and Sit Down

Bitoku Shut Up and Sit Down

Bitoku Bury Board Games

Bitoku Boards Eye View

Luna Capital Shut Up and Sit Down

Luna Capital Bury Board Game

Luna Capital Boards Eye View

Luna Capital Staying in Podcast

Dodo Shut Up and Sit Down

Dodo What Board Game

Dodo Boards Eye View

Drop It Favourite Foe

Drop It Meeples Abroad

Drop It Boardgameoverlord

Switch and Signal Shut Up and Sit Down

Switch and Signal Bury Board Game

Switch and Signal Staying in Podcast

Switch and Signal Boards Eye View

Dimension Oliver East

Rustling Leaves Shut Up and Sit Down

Rustling Leaves Bury Board Game

Rustling Leaves Favourite Foe

High Score What Board Game

High Score Bury Board Game

High Score Staying in Podcast

High Score Favourite Foe

High Score Meeples Aboard

Karak What Board Game

Ratzzia Favourite Foe

Robin Hood Boards Eye View

Robin Hood Boardgameoverlord

Red Cathedral Meeples Abroad

Lacrimosa Staying in Podcast

Lost Cities Board Game Meeples Abroad

Ubongo Brain Game to Go Favourite Foe

Ubongo Brain Game to Go Meeples Abroad

My Gold Mine Favourite Foe

Red Cathedral Favourite Foe

Castle Party Favourite Foe

Castle Party Meeples Abroad

Top 5 Kosmos Games Zatu Blog

Top Games of 2022 Zatu Blog (Exit Advent, Exit LOTR, Switch and Signal)

5 Great Games This Game is Broken (Dodo, Bitoku)

5 wonderful gems This Game is Broken (My City Roll and Build, Walkie Talkie)

Top 10 games of the BGG top 100 Watch it Played (The Crew Mission Deep Sea)

Most Romantic Valentines Day board games Metro Newspaper (Imhotep duel)

Solo games Metro Newspaper (Exit games)

LOTR special Metro Newspaper (EXIT Shadows over Middle-earth)