Thermometers are found in some Thames & Kosmos science kits. None of our thermometers contain mercury, a poisonous chemical. Our thermometers contain alcohol and a red dye. If a thermometer should break, an adult should clean up and dispose of the pieces and wash any effected areas with soapy water.

Small dye tablets are included in a number of our science kits. These dye tablets are non-toxic. They consist only of lactose and food-grade food coloring. They are similar to Easter egg dye tablets. The tablets should not be swallowed, but if they are inadvertently swallowed, this should not cause any health effects. If the swallower has a lactose allergy, you will want to consult their doctor.

The plaster powder found in a number of our kits is Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum.)

The modeling clay included in our science kits is non-toxic.

Always refer to the safety information, warnings, and first aid advice supplied in the manual that comes with each kit.