UKGE – the UK’s best board game expo!

Make your step count, count and take a stride over to the Kosmos Games stand. We’ve a cracking line-up on offer for show discounts and specials, gameplay with those in the know and staff who have drunk from the fountain of knowledge on-hand to answer all your questions, well, those relating to anything on UKGE stand 1-602 at least.

Drop by for a quick wander through our exciting new offerings or loiter a while and have a game (or two).

We’ll be playing the three-dimensional game Nunatak – Temple of Ice where you’ll try to rise to the top of the temple starting from a block of ice.


There are new EXIT titles on offer at UKGE, Magical Academy falls into the easier to complete camp with Prison Break which offers a new style of play where you compete in teams and comes complete with two decoders in the box. In addition a new one or younger kids aimed at the 5+ group to get them into EXIT earlier, this one is called Riddles in Monsterville.

We’ve also Masters of Crime – Vendetta, this game joining a growing category which re-creates crime scenes to be solved, this one is a group game with Godfather vibes, much more than just a clever Cleudo.


Play the roles of buyers and artists against the game in Belratti, the character trying to sneak fake works onto your gallery walls. Painters pick cards from their hands they think will work, fakes are added and buyers invited to pick the painters cards and not bogus Belratti ones.

belratti box mock

Also, whilst not a board game Gecko Run should appeal to attendees with all its elements of problem solving to create exciting and interesting vertical marble runs. A puzzle with ball-bearings and angles to be considered to get yours to the finish line.

Pug Tarot – Love pugs? Like Tarot? If you’re into both great, if only one of those floats your boat you’ll still enjoy the gameplay and gorgeous artwork on offer.

Pug Tarot front box flat

Welcoming along several players from the DEVIR studio onto the Kosmos Games UKGE stand, they’ll be showing off their White Castle playing skills and talking candidly about the soon to be announced expansion pack called Matcha (due for release at Essen).

Salton Sea is the new European style Californian Mining Game that leans toward the heavy side, well, it does have Lithium involved so that is to be expected.

SAND is the caterpillar riding game where you’ll embark on a desert tour to collect as much greenery on your multi-legged creatures backs and then we’ve CITIES, a colourful family play where you’ll be building your own urban areas.


Plenty of fun on offer, swing by and say hello then stay and play a while.

For more info – Here are Nicky and Libby running through the UKGE offerings!