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Here at Thames & Kosmos we specialise in children’s toys which have a focus in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). As a company we pride ourselves on creating toys that inspire both boys and girls to learn through play, promoting gender equality in STEM careers.

Historically, STEM fields have been male-dominated, leading to a persistent gender bias. This imbalance has discouraged women from pursuing a career in STEM, resulting in a lack of diversity within these sectors. By encouraging girls to explore STEM fields at a young age we can dismantle society’s stereotypes, and crucially foster gender equality in the workplace.

Engaging STEM Toys

Designed to be both entertaining and educational, STEM toys spark children’s curiosity and provide enjoyment whilst learning key topics within the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They create the building blocks of understanding, with practical, hands-on examples of STEM concepts and how they are relevant in the real world. This can ignite an interest in children, which can be fostered further within an educational environment.

Commitment to Inclusive Product Development

At Thames & Kosmos we are dedicated to inclusivity in our product development process. We frequently collaborate with female STEM professionals, educators and scientists. As a result, our products are engaging, enjoyable toys, that are accessible and appealing to children of all genders.

As a company we aim to help to challenge gender stereotypes, encouraging and empowering both genders to pursue their STEM interests into a successful career path. This approach helps to reinforce that STEM learning is for all, and we hope it will encourage the gender divide within these industries to be narrowed further in years to come.

Success Stories

Thames & Kosmos’ educational STEM toys are now available to buy through our Amazon Store. Discover how these innovative toys can inspire and empower the next generation of female STEM professionals.