We are pleased to announce that The Crew has won the 2019 Meeples Choice Award in a close run battle.

The Spielfrieks Group announced the winners and wrote ‘Congratulations to designers Thomas Sing (The Crew), Tom Lehmann (Res Arcana), and Alexander Pfister (Maracaibo). It’s Sing’s first MCA (actually, The Crew is only his fourth published design). Lehmann wins his third MCA; only Knizia, Wallace, Moon, and Rosenberg have more. And it’s Meeples Choice Award #2 for Herr Pfister. Finally, congratulations as well to the publishers: Kosmos, Sand Castle Games, and Game’s Up.’

The Crew was also awarded the ‘Spiel Hit mit Freunden 2020’ (Hit Game with Friends 2020) award from the Wiener Spiele Akademie (Vienna Games Academy) this week. Fingers crossed that it will be 3 in a row as the Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres awards are announced on 20 July!

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